Shift F7 gives you the right words to explain what you do, who you do it for and why you do it best.

Shift F7 Content is a Brisbane copywriting firm headed by writer Lisa Brewster and specialising in

  • website copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • emails
  • content marketing
  • content strategy

Primarily for food, wellness, coaching and consulting people!

Brisbane digital content and copy

About Lisa Brewster

lisa brewster shift f7 content

Hi there! I’m Lisa Brewster, a writer, copywriter and content specialist. What inspires me immensely as a writer, is the ability to tell a story which improves lives, effects change and inspires growth.

I feel so privileged to write every day for a living, and especially to work with incredible people who are out there changing lives and chasing dreams. One program, one patient or one bite at a time!

I started out with ambitions of being a journalist. I can still remember the sanctimonious overtones of our lecturer, informing us all in first-year that only a small percentage of us would make it in the industry. It was the 90’s, and well, he was right.  Only a small few were lucky enough to get the handful of jobs available after graduation. What looked like diminishing opportunities for an aspiring journalist and writer was actually a blessing in disguise (isn’t it funny how life is like that?).

I found a job in real estate, which I thought might be a nice way to gain some confidence. Quickly after starting, I learnt the job was not really about houses at all, but people. I spent the next 10 years working in various roles in the company. In that time, I learnt so much which I still value to this day. About small business, about lives, about relationships and on a deeper level, the inner workings of your own limitations.

Along came the internet

By early 2000’s more and more businesses moved online. By the mid-2000’s websites had become a crucial business tool. While on maternity leave with my second child, a friend asked me to write some copy for her website. While doing that, an old familiar feeling came over me. A feeling that I was right where I needed to be. An inner ‘yes’ that I still get to this day.

I feel privileged to have spent the past 9 years working for a great number of other people who get that inner ‘yes’ with the work that they do.

But enough about me, what about you? What do you need from a copywriter?

Easy to work with

Do you need this whole “hire a copywriter” thing to go smoothly and easily? Over the past 9 years I have perfected my processes to make it easy to get what you need done, with as minimal disruption as possible. From my brief right through to revisions, I have proven processes to support your goals.


My special gift, is to really take the time to understand you. What makes you special and who you are trying to serve. To uncover the heart and soul of your business. To shine a light on why the world needs to know you and what you do. My goal is to make this transaction better value for money than you could imagine.


Are you looking for someone who has the depth of experience needed to do a stellar job? Someone who’s been around the block a bit and has expertise which you can benefit from? Use the benefit of my experience to get more than just words, but a better insight into your business.


Life would be pretty dull if we were uptight all the time, wouldn’t it? I am not your typical introverted writer, I am a big people person. (ENFP if you’re into the Myers-Briggs thing). I have a sense of humour and love to get to know you on a human level. I actually think loving people makes me a better copywriter.

Some spark

Underpinning my business is a bit of storytelling magic. It’s the muse, the zone, the flow or whatever you want to call it. I activate it, it works through me, and the writing is better. (Yes, I know this is a bit woo woo). The end result for you is clear, authentic, transformational messages.

A marketing brain

You need someone who is more than a ‘writer of pretty words.’ Someone who is always open and curious about the ever-evolving marketing puzzle and how their writing fits into it. I am passionate about the entire marketing process from design to execution. This means I can make it easier to work with experts in these fields. It also makes me a great person to get advice from.

Fun facts about me

I am one of those people who always wanted to be a writer. I attended Primary school in a rural community in New Zealand. A tiny mountain town called Raetihi. “Blink and miss it,” we would often say. There, underneath the mountain on our farm, I began to write poetry and short stories. My teachers submitted them to journals and competitions…and I started getting published. One time I won $100 – which during the 1980’s was a huge sum of money!

My husband and I have two boys. They are a continual source of wonder and joy. They are both incredibly sporty and I know they didn’t get it from me. One is a great writer, and some of his work is much better than mine was at that age. I am considering putting him on the books when he’s old enough 😉

I am a huge animal lover. Up until this year I was the proud owner of two 19 year old cat sisters. They never seemed to need each other, but when the first one went, the other died a few months later.

Hey, you’re still here?

Well why don’t we chat? Don’t be a lurker. Jump on the phone, fill in a form, whatever you like! I’d love to know how we can become friends and colleagues.