Food Copywriting

Is your copy restaurant-quality? Or is it bland and unappetising? If done well, food copywriting has immense potential to inspire. Eating is a life-affirming act which we all partake in. Food celebrates, distinguishes and nourishes. Our choices around food and eating are very much tied to who we think we are (and are not). If you’re in the food business, you are truly in the people business. That’s a big reason why I love to write about food! Through Shift F7 Content, I have extensive experience writing for some of Australia’s most delicious ‘foodies.’ Are you a restaurateur, food producer, chef or food advocate? If your right people are not taking up the utensils and digging into what you’re putting down, let’s work to fix that! I can help get your food messages in front of more of your right people. And have them licking the plate afterward!

food copywriting

SEO food copywriting for your website

If you’re launching or relaunching your website you need delicious copy that will have them salivating! Effective food copywriting takes the visitor on a journey. It has them saying, “yes, this is a food message that resonates with me and who I am.” or “this is a person whose food story inspires me.” It’s often about showing the origins around the food – from the processes to the people.

Is your goal to be found via search results? Then you’ll also need that copy to be digested well by Google’s algorithm. This shouldn’t mean making your copy awkward or robotic. It’s more like folding in ingredients. If it’s done well, the art and science are blended seamlessly with minimal fanfare and all the air left in tact. SEO copywriting is not usually a skill found in many food writers’ toolboxes, but it’s well worth finding someone who can wrangle both talents.

As well as the copy, you’ll also need amazing visuals. After all, we eat with our eyes! I am connected to a suite of accomplished food stylists, recipe developers, web designers, photographers and videographers in the food space. Together we can help elevate your food brand or message to mouthwatering proportions.

Sales funnel copywriting for food websites

“Email outperforms display advertising and social media advertising combined.” Neil Patel

Building an effective funnel has three big written components:

  • A great offer or ‘lead magnet.’.
  • A landing page.
  • A persuasive email sequence.

Lead magnet copywriting for food websites may look like a delicious recipe book or how-to. Or it may be an inspiring video script or series of educational articles. Whatever we determine is right for you, you can utilise this offer throughout your marketing to draw your ideal people to you. Give your Facebook followers, YouTube subscribers, podcast listeners, Instagram followers, blog readers or food event attendees a call to action that’s meaningful and relatable

Then prepare them for your main offer with delicious email content they’ll be looking out for.

It’s all about meeting people where they are in your buying cycle and building more than just a fly-by-night customer. You’re building connections which last, and an email list that you own. Just like food sample tasting, you’ll grab their attention with a sample, and then get them coming back to buy the whole tray!

Content marketing for the food industry

Are you lost when it comes to communicating with your right people? Heard you should be blogging but no idea what to write about, when to write it and how to do it without going insane? Maybe you’re not sure how to connect all the dots of your marketing so you’re getting the most out of your efforts?

Content marketing for the food industry can take many forms. From food videos to recipes, articles and roundups! What is right for you? How often should you post?

Effective content marketing starts with a clear strategy. Got this and you’ve over halfway there!

What else do you write?

  • Brochure and trade presenter copy
  • Tasty product descriptions
  • Email updates and newsletters
  • Long-form feature articles
  • Guest post ghostwriting
  • Menu writing
  • Food event copywriting

When it comes to food, there is nothing that I can’t dip my spoon into. Well, except for packet macaroni cheese. I don’t do that and I refuse to smell it.

“Working with Lisa Brewster was a dream, she is so organised and kept me organised and accountable giving me schedules for posting social media, assisting me with my website and giving me the tools and know how to bring all of my media platforms together in a more professional and concise way. Lisa was a delight to work with and for a small business she is wonderfully flexible. I would certainly recommend her to anyone wanting to lift their business in this tech savvy world of social media and web platforms.”

Dominique Rizzo, Food Advocate.  Food Tours

Work with me

A-la-carte or set menu?

If you need help from a professional food copywriter, I offer a range of options. From done-for-you copywriting in a-la-carte style or if you want the whole she-bang, I also offer packages to suit your needs. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re after!

Not sure? Start with a copywriting health check!

Remember when you were a newbie in the kitchen? Your dish was bland, or didn’t work out but you weren’t sure why? Do you feel that way about your copy now? I can review your website, emails, funnel or collateral, let you know what’s great and not-so-great and providing some recommendations for improvement.