Website Copywriting

Helping you connect who you are and what you do, to who needs it most.

As a wellness business, organisation or practice, you’ve got something that people will hit up Google to find. That something is a solution. Whether you’re a local business or fishing from a bigger pond, your website copywriting has got a big job to do. Good copy will help find your right clients or patients, communicate the value you can bring to them, and inspire them to take the next step on their health journey with you. Ya know, just the basics! As someone who works in wellness words, website copywriting at a strategic, deep level is at the core of my offerings.

More than fancy words.

It’s great to be able to play around with words a little bit. Make a few jokes. Create some human-ness. Yes, that makes for interesting words on the page. But, the best website copywriting is more than that. At the end of the day, the words on your website are most effective when they are working hard and feeling easy for your reader. Words that work emotionally, structurally as well as um…literally.

website copywriting is more than fancy words

What am I talking about?

It’s sincere, human-centred website copywriting.

Your website copywriting shouldn’t be like a coffee table book. All pretty, but no substance. Or on the flipside, it shouldn’t be too clinical, giving them only the facts. (Unless your plan is to bore them into booking an appointment?) Also, your copy shouldn’t attempt to hit every industry keyphrase, or sales copy tactic, so that your visitor smells desperation after 15 seconds.

I know you don’t want any of that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I know you want that real voice that sounds like you and like them. Your client or patient is looking for someone who understands them. Someone who’s putting their hand up to solve their problem. And at the end of the day, that’s the business you’re in. That’s what your right client or patient (and Google) are looking for.

The sweet spot is the fine balance between art and science that helps people find you, and ultimately, helps them book in with you.

A clear, logical structure.

A clear and human-centred website structure is the backbone of good website copywriting. You see, your copy is not an island. The structure of your website matters, from the way the pages fit and flow together to the way each page is formatted. Your website architecture can make (or break) your website, from both a search point of view, and a user point of view. It’s the flow that fits your right client or patient that we are working toward. It’s not the sexiest part of copywriting, therefore not everyone enjoys that kind of strategic thinking, but I do! Whether you’ve got a new website, or an existing one that’s not meeting your goals, I can help you plan out the best framework. And if your stuff’s a bit complicated, come to Mama! I’ve been doing this a while and have helped many organisations with some pretty hefty rebuilds.

Proven process.

If you haven’t tackled a new website before, or maybe not in a while, website copywriting is not something you leave until last. It is crucial to the success of your project, and it’s something that you should have before your designer rolls their sleeves up. The thing is, the process can be a positive experience, or it can be…not. At the end of the day, there are a lot of words that need to be written about you and your business. Whether that’s an easy thing, or not, comes down to two things. Your copywriter’s process, and your willingness to be present for it. If you bring the wills, then I bring the skills. Over the past 10 years of website copywriting, I have perfected my process to accommodate those who love a bit of editing, as well as those who would rather stick pins in their eyes. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the-best-copy-ever.

Always with search in mind.

I believe every website should be built with search engines in mind. As long as we understand that search engines are about connecting people’s needs to your offerings. That doesn’t always mean spending time and money targeting industry keyphrases in your website copywriting. (Although it can). Search engine optimisation is a broad web of improvements, not a magic fix. It’s about considering a lot of things that may not have everything to do with writing. Including your platform, your website speed, images, URL’s, your architecture, your on-page SEO, as well as the quality and volume of your content. It’s also important to remember that the bots are only serving one person, and that’s the same person you are. So, if when they get there, that person is given a great experience on your website, learns something, or engages with you, that experience also counts. If you want more than just ‘clicks,’ I have many ideas for increasing meaningful engagement on your website.

Most of all, written with care.

The best website copywriting is thoughtful, original, inspiring and transformational. At this stage in my career, I prefer to produce work I am truly proud of and wholeheartedly believe in, and my prices reflect that. So I might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. I’ve gotten better over time. And you know what? So does your copy. Like a good slow-cooked meal, your copy needs time to simmer. It might need some seasoning at the end. Or some more special sauce. I won’t know until it’s sat a while and I’ve let the flavours develop just what it needs. That’s the way I like to approach my writing. Adding the ingredients. Letting it sit, and then coming back to see how it tastes. This is how I am able to produce website copy that gets to the heart of my clients and their audience. So if you’re interested in a quality result borne from a thoughtful, intuitive process, you are most welcome to book a time to discuss a package to suit your needs.

Show your patients or clients exactly who you are.

Book some time with me to see if we’re a great fit. I’d love to show you how we can connect your energy, value and skills with those who need it most.

Website copywriting FAQ

Do you need experience in our modality?

Not always. As a website copywriter who has worked in health in wellness for many years, I do have a good understanding of most modalities. Plus, I trained as a journalist and can research your industry well. Part of my process is to get inside your head and heart, understanding what makes you unique, and often, this is a great way to draw out all of those important parts of your practice that your ideal client needs to know. If you don’t see an example of your industry in my portfolio, you are welcome to reach out to see if I can help. Most times, I can.

How do you write like me?

I have quite an extensive briefing process, which includes a 1:1 video call both before and after your first draft. In our briefing call, I take the time to get to know you well, your goals and your vision for your business. I also put my journo hat on and ask a lot of great questions. These things help me to write in a way that captures your voice and in a way I imagine your ideal client would warm to. We also clearly establish the correct tone of voice prior to the writing process.

How much time do you need to write our website copy?

There are several things which determine how long it might take to write your website.

  1. How busy I am. There may be a delay in starting your project while I finish off any existing or promised projects. In many cases urgent projects do incur a rush fee, particularly if I need to juggle or delay other projects.
  2. The level of research. Strategy, customer interviews, deep research can all increase the time it takes to get the copy over to you. This is all great and worthy stuff, so if that’s going to be part of our plan, the time will increase accordingly. Most times though, you will be rewarded for your patience in a great result.
  3. The size of your website. If your website is up to 7 pages, I usually allow 2 weeks of writing time before delivering your first draft. Larger websites of up to 15 pages will usually come in at 3 weeks. While larger websites (say up to 30 pages) will take me about 4 weeks to write. This doesn’t include any delays in start time or research.
  4. The nature of revisions. Usually revisions can happen quite swiftly after your first draft is delivered, but delays in the revision process or large-scale revisions can ultimately delay your finished product. I aim to produce revisions within 7 days, but I also rely on you to set aside some time to make that happen.
  5. SEO parameters. Keyword research for a high number of pages can increase the time it takes to produce your first draft.

Do I have to commit a lot of time to revisions?

No, most times revisions are about changing a few things here and there and don’t take too long. Sometimes though, certain pages or passages need a bit more reworking, and that’s okay too. It’s all part of the process of getting something that you’re truly in love with. Most times I find the revision process is finalised within a few days to a week.

So how does it all work?

My process of revisions incorporates a video call as well as on-page revisions. Not everyone enjoys the editing process, and having these two options helps you find a revision style that works for you.

Many clients like to edit the draft first, either in-line or by adding comments, and then jump on Zoom with me to talk through any significant changes. (This works really well on website copywriting over 10 pages).

Other clients like to have a first read through, and then leave the actual editing as a 1:1 process over Zoom. (This works particularly well for people who prefer speaking over writing, and who want to move everything forward in one swoop).

If you’re a larger organisation, I do ask that you nominate one person for revisions, as it’s a quicker, less painful process. If you’d like to see how I work in more detail, you are welcome to explore my copywriting process and see if it aligns with you.