Health and Wellness Copywriting

Because those who make a life of caring for others deserve to be heard.

Have you answered the call to care for others? To help people live a healthier, more vital life? Then let’s find the right words to help you do it. I offer you health and wellness copywriting which amplifies your voice and sends a clear and resonant message to patients or clients. Writing for wellness as I see it, is writing with heart and soul, no matter whether you are a medical practitioner or a natural health practitioner.

If your goal is to provide solutions for whole-person wellness, then I am the perfect writer and marketing partner to help you reach more of your right people. I have deep experience in helping practitioners find the right words to ensure their messages cut through the noise, and build a community.

copywriting for wellness

Motivating and inspiring health and wellness copywriting that doesn’t play on the surface.

It’s emotive

The best health and wellness copywriting dives deep into the pool of need, understanding and hope and emerges feeling easy and transformative. Whether it’s your new website, supporting articles or your email outreach, it’s about getting to the heart of your ideal client or patient. And communicating how your service can lift them up and enhance their lives.

And credible

With health and wellness copywriting, credibility is crucial. This not only applies to researching your modality and topics around it. It also applies to the deep research needed around your business and customer.  I bring this skill to your words. Along with 11 years of copywriting and digital marketing experience. And a lifetime of interest in wellness and personal development. Plus, early training as a journalist, which taught me that facts and people are the important ingredients of a great story.  I reckon that’s the perfect combination to help you rise up in your industry. So let’s do it!

Website Copy

Are you ready to launch a new practice, and need a website? Or perhaps your old one needs some TLC? You didn’t get into this caring field to end up with a robotic, dry and lifeless website! In health and wellness copywriting, understanding and sincerity are key, and the perfect example of this is your website copy. Get the right words to communicate what your practice means to you, and most importantly, what it means for them. Great copy can transform how potential patients feel about your practice. When written and structured correctly, your website copy can also help your business grow. I can offer the words and structure to reinvigorate your existing website or bring forward your exciting new service.

Content marketing

Do you have a complex product or service which people need to take time to consider? Maybe you need to build trust and authority in your field? Or do you want to use content to improve your search presence? Content marketing remains a highly beneficial strategy for the wellness service business. But how do you create content regularly when you are up to your neck in clinic hours? Or perhaps you have time on your hands, but need to make sense of the marketing maze? I can help you develop a cohesive website, social and email communication strategy. And if you don’t have the time or skills to implement it yourself, I offer a done-for-you service focused on authentic and consistent content creation.

SEO copywriting

If your practice needs to work hard to get you found in Google, then SEO (search engine optimisation) needs to be a strong consideration within the copywriting process. I have years of SEO copywriting experience specifically for health and wellness practitioners and brands. You might need to stand out in your local pack. Or your programs and services may go out to a national or international audience. I can ensure your copy hits some benchmarks for Google’s algorithm. I can also help research a wider content strategy to build momentum around your industry’s keywords and close the gap on competitors.

What else might I need?

  • Email sequences and updates
  • Lead magnet copywriting
  • Sales pages
  • Long-form feature articles
  • Guest post ghostwriting

Not sure what the right next step should be?

You might benefit from my 1:1 wellness practice audit.

“Lisa has supported our business from inception and through its various phases of growth, always providing us with professional, beautiful and accurate content and design that reflects exactly who we are and the messages we want to get across.

Lisa has a wonderful ability to listen and understand our business, and translate this into technical and marketing content that conveys our products and services in terms that resonate with clients.”

Elzette Harper, Return to Health