Copywriting magic and aligned marketing for wellness practitioners.

It’s time to scale your wellness practice and own your worth. Hi, I’m Lisa Brewster from Shift F7. I help wellness practitioners attract and keep more clients or patients. Working with you and for you to bring more ease to your practice marketing. Creating marketing strategy, copywriting and content which inspires your right people towards a healthier life.

Do you want to be lit up, not overwhelmed by your practice marketing?

Have you been asking for more ease and order? Maybe you're aware that something could be better, but you can't quite diagnose what needs to change, or whether you even have the capacity in your clinic to change it.

I see you, working to all hours in your practice. You love what you do, but after all these years, you're feeling a bit jaded. Dreaming of reducing your clinic hours, adding another practitioner or even creating a course. But where's the time?? You're great at what you do. You've got years of real world experience and seriously qualified. So why does it feel you're getting left behind?

You don’t need another course, or even a mentor. Your time’s already maxed out. What you need is someone you can trust to make sense of all the options to create an aligned path with you and for you. A path that looks right and feels right.

Find your right pathway

Let’s create bespoke and deeply resonant marketing for your wellness practice. Based on a strategy that feels right, structured and timed correctly for you. Working from the heart of your patient or client, and creating from that place of understanding. and care. The same place you’re working from right now within your practice.

Suddenly, your emails are being read, your posts are being liked and most importantly, more of your right clients or patients are saying YES. And we get them coming back – again and again. Because they trust you, and value what you do.

You don't need to feel overwhelmed, and you shouldn't have to be anyone but yourself when it comes to marketing. You just need someone in your corner who gives as much of a F as you do about making things better.

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What can I offer your practice?

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Who am I?

Am I the right kind of copywriter and marketer for you? This part is super important.

Don’t be shy. Find out all the things.

Ready to get started?

Could getting another set of eyes on your practice marketing benefit you? My aim is to help you understand what can be improved, so that you can show up and help more people in your own unique way. Request my 1:1 wellness practice marketing audit, which is free and no obligation.

Come join my community of like-minded business owners who believe in a holistic approach to business, marketing and life.