Copywriting and content marketing that makes connections, and gets results.

You can get beautiful copy that does more. Copy that works hard to attract, excite and convert your kind of people. Weaving a special blend of storytelling magic and the science of strategy to produce clear, authentic, transformational messages. It’s copy your people want to read, because it sounds like you, and it sounds like them.

Delicious copywriting for foodies, health nuts and world-savers.

Shift F7 is focused on copywriting, strategy and content for food and wellness brands, with a particular interest in the intersection between them.

If you are passionate about sustainable food practices, farm to table production and local producers, food wellness advocacy, eating for health, and food integrity then we are probably a perfect match.

Shift F7 gives you the right words. Words which shift minds and inspire people to make the changes necessary to live a healthier life. To make better choices which sustain their health and that of our planet.

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