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The To-Do List I’m Working On This Year

Lisa Brewster MIndset

Here we are hurtling through January. The New Year is a collective place where we all think about what we want for our businesses, and our lives. It’s an opportunity to make fresh plans. And hopeful, detailed to-do lists! So what’s your plan for this year? If you’re anything like me, you start off determined. We’re busy scribbling in journals and making spreadsheets. Feeling like a planning rockstar. Until February hits and some people are executing on their plans like a boss. While the rest of us are rolling our eyes, and re-scheduling our to-do’s for next month, or end of financial year. Or next year.

This year, I’m saying bollocks to that process! After many years of this rollercoaster, I’ve decided I’m looking at it all differently. Because not all of us need to fix the external stuff. Some of us need to change at a deeper level, before we can change anything that’s happening on the outside.

This year, it’s all about the internal to-do list – or is it a to-be list?

My experience of business planning has been punctuated by a short list of big words that stopped me from following through on actions I’d set out. Words that live secretly in a little filing cabinet in my head. Under a tab labeled TO DO.

I’ve often blamed a lack of time for not doing the things I needed to do, especially when it comes to direction and marketing in my business. I’ve said “I’m too busy” so often I almost believed it.

When I was in real estate, we had an expression for that – PTBB (Pretending to Be Busy). Usually it involved popping a folder under the arm and walking around pretending to be in the middle of something important. When what we were really avoiding was doing the hard stuff, like following up clients. It was funny to pick who was doing it. Now I’m all like…hand me that folder.

We’ve all got our own special version of excuses I’m sure. Excuses that if we’re being honest with ourselves, are pretty easy to overcome. Because it’s 2022 and…Google.

These are just convenient excuses disguising an inconvenient truth.

After repeated attempts at trying to get our groove on with socials, hire a good team, get some systems in place, wrangle our CRM or whatever else we can’t seem to get right, it ain’t workin. Not in the New Year, not at EOFY or anytime. Not because we’re too busy. The truth is, we’re just not ready. And it doesn’t seem very business-like to say it.

I say bollocks to business-like if it means not being in the business of being ourselves. So, here’s my confession list of things I’m addressing in 2022 (and probably this actual lifetime):

  • Boundaries
  • Consistency
  • Courage
  • Self-Belief
  • Integration

Ya know, just the basics 😉

What’s your list?

Getting real about the list of things we might need to observe in ourselves, the programs we’re running and the impact they’re creating is not easy. But, I suspect, it is the key to unlocking a better business and life for us all. Not to check things off like they’re flaws to be conquered. But to give our ‘shadows’ the time and attention they deserve. Not to make ourselves feel bad. But to help us really understand what’s driving them. To ask what they can teach us. And what we might be able to teach others about it. Maybe they might one day be our superpower?

I’ve always felt my list was all intertwined. So it’s been hard to know how to unravel it, or which aspect of myself came first. So it just felt overwhelming to try. But here’s my 2022 approach. I’m taking one word, one idea at a time, and asking, what does that word mean to me? Where does it come from? How does it show up in my life and business?

So far, I am finding that working on one thing illuminates the rest.

And that makes it all feel lighter and easier to handle. At least, it feels like that for the first time in a long time for me. And does that look like all talk and no action? On the contrary. But the plans and to-do’s coming out of that place of introspection feel gentler and more do-able. I’m looking creatively at permanent solutions, not empty promises to myself. Solutions for business, life and everything in between.

So you see Rose, I am right on top of it.

Want to see how this pans out IRL?

One of the first breakthroughs I’m making is treating myself like my own client. (Hello next post on boundaries!)

Curious to know the progress of that and what it looks like in practical and philosophical terms for me and my business this year? Jump on my mailing list – I’d love to share my progress over the year with you. 

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