My Proven Copywriting Process

Your success is in my details

If you’re a first-time customer, or you’re embarking on a shiny new project, your copywriter needs a deep understanding of what you’re about. And you need to be sure they know what they’re doing. But how do you make sure your copywriter has all the information they need short of writing it all yourself?  Enter, my simple process for copywriting gold. Find out how I help make working with a copywriter an easy process, and one of the best investments you will make for your business.

introductions discovery session

1. Introductions

To begin with, you can fill out my online enquiry form, or we might have a brief chat on the phone to discuss your project and your needs. This is a great opportunity for both of us to see whether we’re going to work well together. (This copywriting thing is pretty personal). At this stage, I can usually give you a ballpark estimate of what you might expect to pay. As well, I can let you know an approximate time frame for your project.

proposal time

2. Proposal time

Let’s get married! (Just kidding, I’m already married). But I can propose another union. At this stage, I will put together a more formal proposal for your project (or confirm one of my packages). This proposal lets you know all the good stuff I can help you with. I can outline the kind of copy I think you need to achieve your goals, maybe some strategy, how I work in detail, and how much it’s all going to cost.

signed contract

3. Lock it in Eddie!

If you like what you see, you can sign off on it, and you’re one step closer to the copy of your dreams. Once I receive your signed proposal I will issue a commencement invoice. The amount will depend on the size of your project. Most projects involve a 50% deposit. Sometimes if the project is very large, this deposit will amount to 30% of the total. If a project is under $900 I charge the full amount. Once I get your signed proposal and deposit, we’re off! At this point, I will confirm the project start date too.


4. Research and other stalkerish behaviour

Getting all up in your business is really important. I do as much as humanly possible (besides moving in with you) to understand your brand, your business and your customer. It’s important that this inconveniences you as little as possible. So the beginning of this stage is my online research and pouring through any existing material you’d like to send me. I then supply you with a comprehensive brief for you to add to. If I’m providing strategy and/or a website architecture along with your copy, I’ll also send documents for review now too. Next, we jump on Zoom or the phone to talk through the completed brief (30-60 mins). If you’ve never worked on communication strategy before, this step will be so helpful for your brand! It’s here, where any amendments to our agreed scope can be established if necessary (as we now know what before what we only thought we knew).


5. Tap, tap, tapitty tap

This is the step where I get to actually write all those wonderful things about you and your business or brand. I apply all those technical writing skills I’ve learnt over the years to craft the right copy for your project. This might be a compelling series of articles. Or maybe SEO research or conversion copywriting for your website. Or writing to a winning formula for your sales page or email sequence. And everything in between. Regardless of these technical aspects, my writing has a strong focus on the human-to-human connection. Always.

first draft of copy

6. First draft

According to our timeline, I supply you with a draft for your consideration. Depending on the size of your project, this may be a section of copy, or the whole kit and kaboodle. (Most times, its the whole thing, but if one of us isn’t quite sure where it’s heading, it’s always great to check in about that early). My draft copy deck is formatted for easy readability. However, it is comprehensive. Most times I add some of the thinking processes behind my words, as well as some ideas on imagery and formatting for you to factor in.


7. Amends

After I supply the first draft, we’ve got two rounds of revisions. I might seem like a softie, but when it comes to copy edits I have pretty thick skin. So feel free to edit away! On the flip side, not wanting any revisions is also pretty normal, especially if we’re working together in an industry I have lots of experience in. Either way, confirmation on amends is due within 14 days of receiving your copy. The depth of editing is entirely up to you and there is no right or wrong way to get The Best Copy Ever as long as we get there. And we will.


8. Proofreading

When you’re happy with the copy, I’ll ask you to complete a project approval form and pay the final invoice while I get your copy professionally proofread. I might be an experienced writer, but I also wear glasses. And stay up late. So sometimes, there are typos. These happen to the best of us. Luckily I have a trusty proofreader who is eager and waiting to find every little grammatical error I didn’t see. (There is always one).

final copy ready for publication

9. The pies de resistance

Once the proofreading is complete, and balance invoice paid, I will supply your final copy. This proofread version also includes important elements for your designer – like your SEO elements and any more detailed design formatting. I also transfer copyright to you at this time, to do with what you will. Add it to your website or email/funnel software; supply to your designer, or print it out and make paper aeroplanes from it if you’s all yours!

Tell me about your project

Hey, if you’ve read this far, you might be ready to introduce yourself? Tell me about, you, your project and how I can help!